Great read and powerful content!

Very well written and entertaining manual on building momentum towards a better life. View-widening and action inducing content. This is one of the few re-reads in this category. Pick it up, you won't regret it.

- Ernesto R.

The author provides an actual roadmap to getting unstuck

This book resonated with me a lot. I’ve read other books that have addressed getting stuck or procrastinating and they just didn’t hit the nerve that this one does.

- - author of "The Book on Branding"

Amazing book! It is full of great ideas!

An absolute, amazing book! It is full of great ideas and tools for moving forward to a life of success, freedom and power... A must BUY!

-A. Milnes

If your struggling to get yourself motivated, buy this book!

Ron Frost gives numerous examples of everyday obstacles and how to live with them as positive experiences. I enjoyed the many inspirational quotes from a variety of people. An all around uplifting and thought provoking self help book!

-Suzanne Maki